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Walnuts Fruit Benefits For Health Human Brain

Do you know and have never found such that musty walnut? Walnut indeed has a very unique shape, because if you look carefully wrinkles form either outside or inside is almost similar to the shape of the human brain if it does not believe the note only. Besides it was not only the same shape as the human brain but one fruit is also believed to have tremendous benefits for the health of the human brain. In the walnut has a lot of content that dibutihkan to support brain health condition. Nutrients can be obtained from eating a walnut is used to stimulate growth of cells - brain cells, help educate the brain, improve memory and prevent Alzheimer's disease brain.

Kanari fruit is usually more commonly known as walnuts or walnut. Because walnut is the same as a small form with nuts. As for the content contained in them are walnuts contain omega-3, alpha-linolenic, antioxidants, Galik acid, vitamin E and many other content. In the meantime you need to know in the brain requires as much as 60 percent, especially omega-3 fatty acids as nutrients the human brain. And with just eating walnuts will need these fatty acids can be easily met.

In addition to containing high omega-3 fatty walnuts also have other content that is no less important to the health of the brain that contains melatonin. The content serves to support and regulate the biological clock of the human brain. Given the content of the brain can regulate certain hours like when to sleep and vice versa. In this case the compound can be summed up as a regulator of human brain breaks. Melatonin also helps increase serotonin levels. Serotonin helps relay messages from one place to another in the brain. Of the approximately 40 million brain cells, most are influenced either directly or indirectly by serotonin. The influence of serotonin is associated with mood, appetite, memory, temperature regulation, and other social characteristics.

Another benefit of a walnut in addition to brain health, walnuts also useful to support skin health. By eating walnuts can help make your skin feel smoother than before. This is because in neari fruit or walnuts contain minerals that can help produce collagen. Walnuts also contain polyphenols levels are very high. Polyphenols are antioxidants that will fight the bad influence of free radicals, such as pollutants. Besides walnut too powerful to protect us from gallstone disease and maintain cardiovascular health.

Average for the benefit of the latter is a walnut can be useful to improve the resilience of one's body. By eating walnuts every harid daua natural walnut week benefits already you can feel. Where your body becomes stronger, susceptible to disease and certainly make your body become fresher and fitter than ever before. Now that's some explanation of the benefits of walnut for brain health, and others that you can know. Although the shape of the fruit is small but the benefits contained in it was very unusual, especially for the health of the human brain. So and hopefully the explanation of this article may be helpful.

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