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Keeping Tips Permanent Weight Loss Ideal When Fasting

When in fasting course of our meal frequency will be reduced compared to the previous day. Usually three times a day to twice a day, and if it is seen that the conditions will certainly affect the condition of one's body weight decreased. But most of that happened is not the case as we imagine. Many of them actually experienced the opposite, namely weight gain. Having traced caused because of unhealthy eating patterns. Seeing these conditions are very anxious because the expectations to look dazzling on the day of Eid to be annihilated because the weight is growing fatter. The ideal weight is not only delicious when viewed, but also can mempenaruhi health conditions. So it is important to always be on guard and to have an ideal body weight is actually very easy if we know how.

One of the most powerful ways is by fasting but also accompanied by diet and activity accordingly. Of course you do not want to put on weight after fasting, right? Now that your weight does not continue to surge, you should consider some of the following tips, which are as follows!

Here Tips for Maintaining Permanent Weight Loss Ideal When Fasting

Eating Lots of Water
At the time of fasting, presumably to keep the importance of a healthy intake of fluids in the body. The trick is to consume lots of water as much as much at the time of iftar and sahur. Under normal conditions require about 6-8 glasses of water intake per day. So when fasting you can drink a glass of water at the time of breaking the fast, two glasses of water when in the evening, before dawn 2 cups of water and one glass of water after fasting. Do it every day at the time of iftar and sahur, other than to keep your weight remains ideal may also help your body avoid dehydration.

Do not Apply "Revenge" on At Berbuka
To keep the weight remains ideal, it is important to keep your diet. Also do not apply in your mind "revenge" when fasting. Revenge intention is to eat a variety of foods as you want without considering the capacity of your stomach at the time. With the diet that makes a person's weight had increased unnoticed. Instead, eat a light meal beforehand at the time of iftar. Such as drinking a glass of water at the time of breaking the fast, eating two seeds continued with palm sump or the other. Once your new prayer further by eating a heavy but still in accordance with the capacity of your stomach.

Avoid Eating When close to bedtime
So that your weight remains ideal for running fast, you should avoid eating near to bedtime. Because of the food consumed will accumulate into fat when mealtime is close to your bedtime. As a result the weight will increase from day to day without you even knowing. As a very nice time is within 2-3 hours give mealtimes to your bedtime.

A few tips to keep your description of the ideal body weight during the fasting month. Because of the importance of weight in supporting the health and appearance you need to always pay attention to start now. 

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