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Type of Food Sahur Create Hunger Longer

In the holy month of dawn becomes one of the daily routines performed before dawn. Because the meal itself is one of the key energy in running throughout the day. With so of course it takes the kind of food that can provide longer satiating effect. This is to ensure that we can live a full day optimal fasting without hungry. It is conceivable for 13 hours one must endure hunger and thirst, because in theory nutritional food consumed during the meal is processed by the body or slow released as expressed by the Chairman PERGIZI FOOD Indonesia, Prof. Hardinsyah. So whether you know it or slow it released? slow released is a food that has a lot of fiber in it. Foods that contain high fiber will be able to keep hunger at bay longer. Here are the types of food that can keep hunger longer, are as follows!
This is the type Hunger Food Sahur Create more Longer

The type of food that one is not only beneficial to health, but also can be useful for filling. This is because in oatmeal contain complex carbohydrates that can provide energy for the body optimally. Not only that Oatmeal also can provide energy to our brain to support the activities of the day. Besides containing complex carbohydrates, it Oatmeal also has a high content of fiber that can be trusted to make the effects of hunger longer. This is perfect as the meal of your menu every day.

Vegetable soup
As in the previous explanation, fasting is very suitable to help you lose weight. For those of you who want to lose weight is very good to be able to consume this kind of food one is vegetable soup. Do not worry and fear eighth because by eating vegetable soup can be useful to make you hungry to be longer. This is because in the vegetable soup contains nutrients and water from a variety of vegetables in it. So with so naturally if the vegetable soup makes us longer feel hungry.

The type of food that can make longer hungry next egg. Eggs are one of the foods that are rich in protein. Faucet high content of protein in it is what makes people who eat eggs in the morning will feel fuller for longer periods of time. It was submitted by Shelley McGuire of the American Society for Nutrition. So because of that egg is suitable for you serve as your last meal menu along with their family members.

If it had been mentioned a variety of foods that can be useful to make your hunger longer. This time there is a type of fruit that has the same benefits that apple. This is because high levels of water and fiber in it that makes the fruit of this one to give full effect longer. Strongly recommended you eat an apple without removing the skin, because the skin of apples contain pectin fiber that acts as an appetite suppressant. So it fits really well for you are more diet. An apple also contains only 80 calories, but fiber and water makes us feel full equal to the full after a big meal.
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